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How are stocks taxed?

Understanding the way stocks are taxed is very important, as it affects the value of your investment and is one of the major factors to be taken into account in making buy/sell decisions. Profit from the Sale of Stocks While your broker or financial adviser will probably explain to you the tax implications for your …

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Dividends vs Buybacks

While the company’s decision to choose between paying dividends and making a share repurchase/buyback depends on a number of factors, we will discuss the fundamental differences between these two from the investor’s perspective. Basic Definitions Dividends are the distributions to shareholders from the company’s earnings, usually paid at regular intervals, e.g. monthly, quarterly, or yearly. …

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The Difference Between ETFs and Closed-End Funds

Though ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) and CEFs (Closed-End Funds) are very similar, there are a number of subtle differences that have to be taken into account when making investment decisions. We will discuss five kay aspects that differentiate these two. Shares The issuance of shares for ETFs and CEFs are distinctly different. While the CEFs’ issued …

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How do Political Conditions Affect the Stock Market?

Stock markets are affected by a number of macro factors, such as interest rates, inflation, economic outlook, changes in policies, wars, and also by politics. Politicians and the decisions they make can directly or indirectly influence business and consequently the stock prices. Politics and Stock Market Politicians are responsible for policy decisions that affect certain …

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What We Have Learnt From the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The US subprime mortgage crisis, which resulted in the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, was the most severe one since the Great Depression, leading to the global economic downturn affecting almost the entire world. The Starting Point Although the financial system, financial instruments, parties involved during this period had many complexities, we will try to …

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