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View Successful Investors Portfolios

View Successful Investors Portfolios

How KINFO Works

KINFO integrates with your existing broker and allows you to join a community of other successful investors

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KINFO allows you to view other investors portfolios so you can invest with more confidence.

Find inspiration

View portfolio positions & performance from professional investors & bloggers on KINFO.

Learn from others

Explore how others have built their investment portfolios for growth and diversification.

Gain confidence

Follow real people with a proven success record to increase confidence in your next investment decision.

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Investor Junkie rates KINFO 8/10

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It is our highest priority to safeguard your personal data. To do so we use strong encryption using 256-bit SSL for all communication. We never store your credentials, instead OAuth based tokens are used which are fully supported by brokers. For more details around security, you can read more on our security page.

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Kinfo is an app for DIY investors.  By viewing the portfolios and actions of successful traders, Kinfo helps individuals to invest with more confidence.  Kinfo tracks the performance and positions of integrated portfolios and allows users to share portfolio percentages, entries and exits, but not the size of a position.  

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