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KINFO is a social investment platform which brings together information from hedge funds, insiders, analysts and private investors. And it´s FREE of course!
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Hedge funds

KINFO tracks and analyzes over 2000 hedge funds. View what stocks & ETFs hedge funds own, what they are buying and selling and how they perform.
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Corporate insiders

KINFO tracks and analyzes over 70 000 corporate insiders. View activities by CEOs & CFOs and see which transactions are active vs passive.
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Financial analysts

KINFO tracks analyst recommendations and estimates from over 2600 financial analysts. View historical and consensus ratings for each stock.
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Private investors

KINFO supports all major US brokers. Connect your brokerage account to enable notifications related to the contents of your portfolio.
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Get valuable insights

By bringing together information from hedge funds, corporate insiders, financial analysts and private investors, KINFO is able to provide you with information otherwise unavailable through traditional news channels.

KINFO presents you valuable and relevant information based on your investment profile and the contents of your portfolio.

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