Getting started

How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up, once you have signed up you can start following others. The first steps we would recommend is to
– View activities of other members
– View members performance and find other people who has the same goal with their investment
– Join or create a group to engage in discussion about an interesting investment topic



What is an account?

An account in KINFO represents an account you hold at a brokerage firm, you can add multiple accounts from either the same or different brokerage firms. Each accounts has its own performance calculation, trades & followers.

Which brokers do you support?

Through our aggregation partner we support the largest US brokers and a few smaller financial institutions who offer brokerage services. If you currently hold an account at any of the bigger brokerage firms we will most likely support it. The currently supported brokers are Fidelity, Etrade, Scottrade, Interactive Brokers, Vanguard, OptionsHouse, TradeKing, Tradier and DriveWealth


How is performance calculated?

Your account performance is calculated daily based on your account balance, when calculating your performance we will automatically adjust for cash transfers in and out from your account.

When you first add a brokerage account we will try to calculate the historical performance based the transaction history supplied by your broker. This works in most cases but due to factors we cannot control it may sometimes be impossible. when adding your account you will get a notification about history calculation.

My historical performance seems inaccurate, can you fix it?

In most cases we will be able to fix the historical performance. In some cases the data supplied by the broker is inaccurate which prevents us from calculating history based on transactions, we can then reset the history and adjust for similar errors in the future.

Please contact us to have a look at it.

Rating of accounts

How is rating calculated?

Rating is calculated using the sharpe ratio. Initially you will not have a rating since there will not be enough historical data to calculate the sharpe ratio.

What is sharpe ratio?

The sharpe ratio is a measurement of your performance in relation risk, it´s also commonly known as risk-adjusted return. The sharpe ratio is calculated by taking your annualised monthly portfolio return divided by the monthly standard deviation of your portfolio.

What do you use as a risk free rate when calculating sharpe ration?

We currently don´t add risk free rate to the calculation. The sharpe ratio will still be comparable across portfolios since every portfolio uses the same calculation formula.

Can I compare the sharpe ratio with other platforms?

Probably not, the sharpe ratio can be used to compare portfolios within KINFO since they use the exact same calculation formula. Other platforms may use slightly different calculation methods and may not produce a comparable result, KINFO uses monthly returns whereas other platforms may use daily, weekly or yearly returns. Other platforms may also have their own way of calculating the risk free rate.

Why is my sharpe ratio not showing?

We need at least three months of historical data to calculate the sharpe ratio. If the sharpe ratio is not showing its usually because we don´t have enough data to do an accurate calculation.

Quotes & History

What quotes do your show?

We show quotes for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds for any security that currently has an owner in the platform. Quotes are updated hourly.

What history do you show?

We show history for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds for any security that currently has an owner in the platform. History is updated daily.

Hedge funds

What is a hedge fund?

A hedge fund in KINFO is a company currently registered with the SEC to file their holdings as 13F holdings report. These companies are typically big investment companies and hedge funds.

When does hedge fund data get updated?

Normally companies file their 13F report after the end of each quarter, according to the rules set by the SEC companies must file their 13F report no later than 45 days after the quarter end. Most companies will file their report during this time period but many companies will also file adjustments after that.

How accurate is the data about fund managers?

The data available from SEC is unfortunately not 100% accurate which means the data provided in KINFO can´t be 100% accurate either. KINFO uses algorithms developed by analysing thousands of historical filings to detect common filing errors. These algorithms are applied to all future filings to prevent errors from leaking into the data shown in the platform.

What happens if I follow a Fund manager?

When following a fund manager you will get notified when they do their next filing


When do I get notifications?

You will get notifications depending on your notification settings and who/what you follow.


Do you store credentials to my brokerage account?

No, KINFO uses a third party data aggregator (Tradeit) to connect to your brokerage account. The TradeIt integration uses OAuth technology to authenticate with your bank and provide access to KINFO. Oauth is a industry-standard technology to provide third parties (KINFO) limited access to resources (your bank) without the need for the third party to store users credentials. When you link your account in KINFO you will notice that the login page is not provided by KINFO, it´s delivered by your bank or for some banks by TradeIt. This means that your credentials will never pass the KINFO environment.

When you authenticate with your bank, the bank will verify your account and send a token to KINFO, this token gives KINFO limited access to your account. This token is separate from your login credentials and is only used by KINFO to update your account in the platform.

What encryption is used for communication

All communication is secured using 256-bit encryption, the same level of encryption banks relies on for their communication.

Do you execute trades or make changes to the account?

KINFO will only read data from your brokerage account and will never make any type of changes or execute trades.

For more details about security, see the security page with full disclosure of all technical details.


Who can see my profile?

By default parts of your profile is public, such as you wall, performance & followers. You can mark your profile as private under settings, this will prevent your profile from being publicly available on the internet, however it will always be available to members of the community.

Do you show my real name?

No, you are anonymous if you want, however you could use your real name as username and have a picture of yourself as profile picture

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, you can enter any username you like and upload a profile picture of anything you like.

Can others see how much my portfolio is worth?

No, only you can see your own portfolio value in dollar

What data do you store about me and my account?

Apart from the information you fill our using forms on the site or in the app we store data about balances, positions and transactions. To get more details about exactly how we store and use data please read our privacy statement.

Do you share my data with someone?

KINFO will never share data about you as an individual, however we may use and share aggregated data where your data has contributed, for more detailed information about exactly how we use your data, please read our privacy statement.