The idea

The idea behind KINFO is simple. It reflects how people communicate in real life around investing, utilizing internet and technology to enable people to communicate & collaborate on a much wider scale.

You share non-sensitive data such as your performance and allocation in percentage without showing any real dollar amounts. In return you get to see this information from other investors in the community.

The value of seeing real people do something you want to learn about is far greater than reading about it. Take sports for example, to learn a new sport you would want to try it out for yourself. You would also want to see other people perform that sport to get inspiration and ideas.

Traditional news can only let you read “about” what others do but never show you people doing it. KINFO changes that for investing, you can now watch other successful investors, see their performance, positions & trades to get inspiration & ideas from real life events.

Karl von Döbeln

Karl von Döbeln

Making you a better investor

We strive to achieve this goal by providing a platform to connect with others who share a similar investment strategy.

There is no golden recipe for what makes a good investor and there is definitively no single strategy that works well for everyone across all equities and time-frames.

However what we do know is that people who share ideas and strategies in the real world have an edge in information over those who don´t.

The benefit of social investing

Sharing information and ideas is nothing new in itself, it happens daily to all of us and we all benefit from it. We share information and advice among our peers and we get something back. We share both to get something in return and to get valuable feedback to justify the decisions we make.

The tricky part with investment is that certain information can be sensitive, we don´t want to share information about our net worth or profits in dollar amounts. Fortunately KINFO only show percentages of data which is something most people would naturally share if they were talking about investments among friends in the real world.

By sharing non-sensitive data to the rest of the community you will get insight into the same information from others. Even though the information you share is not sensitive it´s extremely valuable to see the same information from others.

By using KINFO you would not only get the benefit from information by single individuals, you will gain access to the collective wisdom of the community.

Simple & easy to use

Searching for topics around investments will in most cases show results that are aimed towards a group that have more than above average knowledge in the investment space.

The results and sites include complex terms, technical facts, and metrics that would take years to grasp. Unfortunately, most people would find this overwhelming and have a hard time knowing what to do with all the information.

We have put a lot of effort into excluding what´s not important, we don´t aim to compete with sites or apps providing either news-feeds or technical indicators but rather provide the information they don´t.

Who is it for

KINFO is for anyone interested in becoming a better long term value investor in publicly traded equities. If your portfolio consist of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you will be able to use KINFO to get additional insight for your investment decisions.

We are not really suitable for day-traders since many parts of the platform such as stock quotes and account sync updates have time-lag that´s too long too be suitable for day-trading.

We currently don´t support futures, forex and commodities trading.

Security & Integrity

KINFO partners with Tradeit which is a well know and trusted financial data aggregation provider. Tradeit securely integrates with all the big US brokerage firms including Robinhood, Fidelity, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Chars Schwab, Scottrade, Optionshouse, TradeStation &Tradier. Through Tradeit KINFO gathers and analyzes portfolio data such as performance, positions and transactions.

For full details about how we work with security, see our security page.

Bank level encryption

All communication transfers are encrypted by bank-level 256-bit SSL certificates.

We don´t store credentials

KINFO will never store the credentials you use to connect to your brokerage account. After the first succesful authentication KINFO uses tokens to communicate to Tradeit for account synchronization.

Stay anonymous if you want

We never share any personal details about you, when signing up you can add a profile picture and a username, however these could be anything meaning you can be completely anonymous.